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How To Resurface The Floor Of A Garage

It’s a problem with everyone, and every single concrete floor has had this happen. The floor is cracked, dinged or chipped due to impacts, water damage, or just plain wear and tear. While most people want to simply rip out the old floor and be done with it, there is another option.

Resurfacing a garage floor is often cheaper, easier, and less time consuming than ripping the floor out and replacing it with new concrete, and it is done in a similar manner as painting over a wall or smoothing over a cake with icing.

How it works

By mixing a resurface mixture that can be bought at the store and water in an old bucket, you’ll have the materials to cover the damaged floor. Use a paintbrush or other similar tool to brush over and fill in the cracks, then add more as needed to create an even layer.

resurfacing garage floor

A trowel will then be used to smooth the area over and ensure there are no spots or wrinkles left behind, and once the entire floor is smooth and crack free then let it harden and dry for 24 hours. After that time, other agents such as moisture blockers and paint can be added if needed.

When a resurfacing garage floor job needs to be done, know that unless the floor is damaged beyond repair, the task is an easy one. It only requires a few trips to the hardware store and the cost of the mixer materials, and maybe a few hours of work.

A true DIY

This DIY job will also help make any prospective handyman or woman into a professional, while also preparing the garage floor for the next stages of its long life of service for the home!