This Is Not The Tent In Your Backyard

There’s something fun about a tent. Even a little two-man tent has the feeling of adventure and something out of the ordinary. These days ‘tent’ can mean a lot more than the structure you put up in the backyard, the one that collapsed in the rain.

Tents have come up in the world.

Now canvas is not the only material you can make a tent from, there’s plenty you can do with a tent. Many people are starting to think about the things they could do with a semi permanent tent structures because it’s so much more flexible than a portacabin.

Different shapes, sizes and so many options

Just to take the lid of any preconceived ideas you might have of what a tent looks like, how about this? You can have a multi-story tent, with a beautiful balcony right around the first floor. Imagine that for a rainy day at the races.

semi permanent tent structures

The shape you’re thinking of is known in the business as Clearspan. Its name comes from the tent structure which has no supporting poles or pillars in the inside no matter how big it is. These can be semi-circular, but they don’t have to be. They can be shaped like the traditional kids drawing of a house, and they can come in many sizes from small to degree ceremony hall sized.  These tents can be big enough to need a crane to put them up.


As these tents are really like a building without a foundation, they have to be cool in the summer heated in the winter. And to top it off, they must be strong enough to stand a couple of tons of snow on the roof. The word tent just took on a new meaning.